Meowvie Afternoon

  • El Gato Coffeehouse & Cat Cottage 508 Pecore Suite A Houston, TX 77009

Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon watching a movie while cuddling with LOTS of cats. Not only is it a great way to spend the day but you are also helping the cats prepare for adoption by socializing. The cats aren't the only ones benefiting from socialization, as you also come to hang out and watch movies with some of the coolest cat people in town.

Email us at to find out the featured cat film or guess meow based on this hint....the lead actress was once married to Ben Affleck.

Movie is an hour & 30 minutes. Movie pass includes an additional 30 minutes for playtime with the cats.

Movie passes are $25 for adults

$23 for students (with a valid school ID)                   

$16 for kids

April 30
Yoga with Cats
May 1
Cat Nap Yoga