El Gato Coffeehouse is Houston's first cat cafe, partnered with the Houston Humane Society. Our mission is to provide a comfortable environment for adoptable cats until they find their furrever home. If guests aren't looking to adopt, they can enjoy cat therapy, which also helps socialize the cats. 

The Cat Cottage houses our adoptable resident gatos. There is an hourly cover to play with the adoptable cats. Booking online is strongly recommended to guarantee your spot at your desired time and to avoid a wait. Stay tuned for updates on our full-service cafe coming at a later date.

 Click here to volunteer at the Houston Humane Society. Once you're a volunteer, you can also opt to help at El Gato! Alternatively, you can donate to the Houston Humane Society here


Our Cat Cottage can only fit a limited amount of humans at once.  More people would create a stressful environment for the kitties and would make a bad cat to human ratio. We encourage online bookings to ensure accommodations can be met at your desired time. This is especially important for weekend visits. 

Visitors can purchase a Cat Cottage Pass by booking here. Each time slot begins at the top of each hour. Please arrive on time so you're able to enjoy your full hour. We can't make any exceptions due to the strict maximum capacity in the Cat Cottage. Walk-ins will be accepted based on availability.

Please respect the time limit, as going over your allotted time frame will delay the next group. 


The hourly cost is $12 for adults, $10 for students and $8 for children between the ages of 5 and 17. Children under 5 years old are not permitted in the Cat Cottage for the safety of the cats and the children. Students must show a valid school ID. 


In addition to our daily Cat Cottage visit, we also have a calendar of events. You can book an event pass by using the booking link and selecting the appropriate event. Below are the events that we offer:

Yoga with Cats

Find serenity meow and get a double dose of relaxation therapy with yoga and cats. Connect with cats and fellow yogis in a playful yoga setting. This is an all levels class where beginners are welcome. Yoga classes are 45 minutes and include additional 30 minutes of play time with the cats.

Adults - $22; Students - $20

Cat Nap Yoga

Cat Nap Yoga is a purrfect time to unwind, get grounded, and get ready for bedtime. Enjoy a soothing extended Savasana, or deep relaxation pose, all while cuddling cats. This is an all levels class focused on settling into a comfy position and cat napping your way through a guided meditation. Picture your worries melting away with a cat-friend sleeping on your belly! You can even wear your pjs! Classes are 30 minutes and include additional 30 minutes of play time with the cats.

Adults - $22; Students - $20

Caturday Morning Cartoons

Join us for a lazy Caturday Morning watching the best cat cartoons from the 90's. Whether you want to stroll down memory lane back to a simple time when Saturday morning cat cartoons defined your weekend OR you want to introduce your kiddo to old school cartoons, you'll be starting your day off right. We've got the full catalog of cartoons for both of your favorite orange cats.

Adult pass - $14/hr

Student pass - $12/hr  (with valid school id)

Child pass - $10/hr (5-17 years)

Additional hour - $5/person

Meowvie Night

Do you frequently find yourself staying in on a Friday night watching movies with your cat? We agree that it a great way to spend a Friday night, but do you know what's even better? Spending your evening cuddling with LOTS of cats AND helping them prepare for adoption by socializing. The cats aren't the only ones benefiting from socialization, as you also come to hang out and watch movies with some of the coolest cat people in town. Email us at info@elgatocoffeehouse.com to find out the featured cat film. Must be over 18 for movies that are Rated R. 

Adults - $25; Students - $23

Kitty Crafts

Come have a crafternoon making art and cat toys surrounded by cats! You can learn how to make felt cat toys, yarn pom poms, yarn tassels, cardboard treat balls and more (the project will be posted with event details). All craft materials will be supplied and instructions provided. Excess cat toys will be donated to the Houston Humane Society to help with enrichment for the shelter cats. We also encourage you to bring any projects that you’re currently working on. Spend an afternoon learning new skills and making new friends both furry and human! Prices vary.

Adoption Process

We process adoptions on behalf of the Houston Humane Society right in the Cat Cottage! The adoption fee is $50. If you're interested in adopting, you'll need to complete and submit this application. We'll review your application and, if approved, you can take home your furrever friend!